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Core Restauració

H.H.R.R at Core Restauració

At Core Restauració we think that the recruitment of qualified staff is the key to success. Our Human Resources department. selects the right candidate for each of the centres and encourages them  to continually evolve and adapt to the work processes, always trying to awaken their motivation and creativity.

We are currently in a process of growth and within our differentiation strategy there is a clear vocation of service among our professionals.

Our goals:

  • Achieve the strategic objectives through training, and the decision-making and awareness of the members of our team.
  • Keep a flexible team and with the capacity to adapt to the changing times.
  • Motivate our professionals and make them participants of the decision-making process.
  • Select and maintain a competitive and teamwork.


Core Restauració incorporates a management system for risk prevention and health surveillance to minimize the daily risks in the workplace.

The Team

Our premise is simple and sound: the team is one of the most important assets for Core Restauració. Therefore, we believe it is essential that all the professionals who join our team are heard and given the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions, as well as being involved in decision-making processes.
The staff of each centre is the image of Core Restauració, and due to this the opinion and experience of our professionals is so important.

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