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Core Restauració's Commitments


Core Restauració is totally commited to customer service. We pay special attention to our clients to evolve and improve in all the aspects that our customers might need.
We establish a collaborative relationship in which we constantly work for the customer so we can achieve our goals.



Quality is our understanding of the restoration. We consider quality as the basic element to achieve success, applying it to even the smallest detail of the process.
Our quality procedures are based on continuous improvement and work planning organized into departments to achieve a common goal: excellence in quality.

We base our system of quality procedures management on ISO 9001 model, along with other models for risk prevention and environmental management.



Dietetics and Nutrition is the most important value in our comprehensive services for schools. We believe that nutrition is an essential element in the diet of children.
Both dietetics and nutrition are everyday concepts that should be present at every meal, but sometimes it does not have the importance that it deserves. For this reason, the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition of Core Restauració puts special emphasis on preparing fully nutritionally balanced menus, as well as facilitating the nutrition information for each of the dishes that form the menu in order to provide a balanced diet for the 365 days of the year.

Our department of Dietetics and Nutrition remains at the disposal of institutions and individuals for any questions you may have.




The food safety system of Core Restauració is included within the quality plan, and at the same time within the current legal framework on health.
The food safety management models are based on ISO 9001, which allows us to keep a strict monitoring and higher control standards than the legally required. To carry out these processes, we make food analysis of finished dishes, surfaces and handlers several times a year with prestigious laboratories. The aim is to ensure that our food security model is effective in all aspects.


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